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                                                  ACCESS  STATEMENT
   We would like all our guests to enjoy their stay.  Here is a guide as to what you can expect with regard to accessibility when you visit us, so that you can decide whether this a suitable place for you to stay.
On Arrival
The driveway is an uphill tarmac slope from the main road, levelling out onto a concrete drive leading to the parking area.  Running parallel to this is a footpath which is a gentle uphill slope, block-paved, with a low wall either side and two small wide steps at the top end (3.5 inches high).  This leads to the front door of the main house which has one 7 inch step in front of it.  The parking area is one half concrete and one half gravel, on level ground.
There are two comfortable bedrooms, one double & one twin, next to each other at ground level in an annex behind the main house.  Each room has two entrance steps.  The first is 4 inches high and wide enough to stand a suitcase, the second step (threshold) is 5 inches high.  There are no handrails.
Both en-suite bathrooms are on the same level as the bedroom floor.  The Honeysuckle double room has a walk-in shower with a threshold of 3 inches, and a grab-rail adjacent.  The Lavender twin room has a wet-room shower with no step.
Dining Room:
This is in the main house approximately 100ft from the bedrooms.  Access is via the car parking area (gravel & concrete) then along a concrete footpath which is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or for two people to walk side by side.  The entrance consists of French windows, the second door of which can be used as a hand-hold, or opened as necessary, and has a threshold of 4 inches high.  A portable ramp is available if required.   Inside the dining room is a level tiled floor with no steps.
There is nearly an acre of garden to explore, where Assistance Dogs may be exercised.  Some of the garden is given to grass, some to woodland.  Paths in the grassed area are mostly paving slabs or concrete, those in the woodland are bare earth which can be slippery when wet.  There are many seats and benches where you can sit, including large tree-trunks in the woodland area.  There is also a swing seat at the end of the pergola.
At one corner of the garden there is a pond.  This has a few stepping stones across it but no hand-rails or guard rails.  If you have young children with you, please ensure they are supervised at all times.  On one side there is a 3 inch step up onto a paved area adjacent to the pond, on the other side there are four wide steps (4 inches high) leading back down to the driveway.  You are welcome to wander around at will, but please take care to watch out for any rabbit holes or overhanging branches.
At the front end of the garage lean-to, adjacent to the parking area, there is a strong railed area where cycles may be chained up overnight.  Hose-pipe facilities are also available on request.
                                 We hope you will enjoy your stay.